Oficina Esound


After seven years of activity and organization of musical events and concerts around the world, Esound Music & Arts agency inaugurates its physical office in the Valencian neighborhood of Ruzafa and does so by adding an original and innovative proposal to its already consolidated musical activity: Oficina Esound, a project focused on contemporary art and art collecting.


At a time as fluid and uncertain as the one we are living in, the idea of ​​an art gallery seemed inadequate and loaded with responsibilities, so we decided to invent a new format and invite an artist with an established career to mount an installation in our office. The main intention was to work and design together with the artist a site-specific installation: the transformation of the space in Calle Tomassos through the direct intervention of the artist and the insertion of videos, installations and two-dimensional works.


FOR INFO AND SALES: communication@esound.es



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