VLC Urban Art Festival - Barris en Moviment 2019


Our current space offers Keke Vilabelda´s Common Ground project.  

As a first step in this new stage, we have decided to invite the Valencian artist Keke Vilabelda, whose development and artistic growth we have been following for years. The project that the artist wanted to adapt to the space is called "Common Ground", a project that was exhibited in 2019 at the Grau Projekt in Melbourne (Australia) and at the Lambert Collection in Avignon (France).

Common Ground starts as a solo exhibition presented at the Grau Projekt Contemporary Art space in Melbourne, Australia. This project encompasses paintings, a two channel video piece, and a large installation made of 8 tons of sea salt.
Through this new series of works, Keke Vilabelda explores the feelings of remoteness and familiarity with landscapes. Spain and Australia are places on opposites sides of the world, however, they are physically connected through singular geographical features. This is the case of the pink lakes, a singularity that can be found in both hemispheres.

These paintings are produced simulating natural processes, like sedimentation and evaporation. Layers of painting dry at different speeds, cracking or diluting pigments over the canvas. Gravity plays a major role when painting in horizontal, moving streams of water across the surface. What at first appears as an abstract painting, may become under the eye of the viewer, an aerial view of an unknown landscape.

‘Pink Lakes’ is a video dyptich in endless loop. A two-channel video and sound installation filmed with drone, displaying aerial views in HD, taken from the two antipodal locations, Laguna Salada, in Spain, and Lake Tyrell, in Australia.
Both terrains seen from above, show their beautiful and diverse textures, two pictorial images sliding next to the other. Each video has an atmospheric soundtrack by French musician Etienne Haan, and because they have slightly different lenghts they are producing always diferent rythms and patterns. It is an hypnotic audiovisual experience about the  visual and sonic encounters of the two terrestrial hemispheres.




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