About Us


We are a booking agency based in Valencia, Spain.


We represent Italian and International artists in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Latin America.

We also organise and promote concerts, tours, festivals and events mainly throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia.


Among the projects we manage, we also represent some of the major international artists in the field of jazz and world music.


Since October 2018 we've started a new collaboration with the Italian agency OTR live taking care of OTR Jazz&Classic roster.

The aim is to build strong connections and to bring in Italy some of our international artists. For more info: 



IAt the end of 2020 we've moved to a new place, an office in the Valencian neighborhood of Ruzafa and we've added an original and innovative proposal to our already consolidated musical activity: OFICINA ESOUND, a project focused on contemporary art and art collecting. Every four month we invite an artist to make a project and "re-design" the space installing art pieces as paintings, installation, video, etc.

The first invided artist was Keke Vilabelda with his project "Common Grounds".



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